Fertility Testing

Before we start treatments for fertility we have to investigate to determine our course of action. At Nairobi IVF Centre – Dar we offer various Fertility Tests for this purpose.

First we have to screen for various things:

  • For women:
    • rubella (German measles) immunity
    • chicken pox immunity
    • syphilis serology
    • full blood count
    • blood group and antibody status
    • hepatitis B and C
    • HIV
    • current pap smear and breast check (within the last two years).
  • For men:
    • hepatitis B
    • hepatitis C
    • HIV

Pre-pregnancy screening for some genetic conditions such as cystic fibrosis is available and can be discussed with your specialist.

Then, a basic fertility assessment includes ovulation testing and pelvic ultrasound, together with hormone measurements and other gynaecological investigations as required.

Your fertility specialist will also organise a more thorough advanced fertility assessment, particularly for women of advanced maternal age, or where previous surgical or medical conditions such as endometriosis or polycystic ovarian syndrome are present. An advanced fertility assessment includes specialist blood tests to assess egg reserve, pelvic ultrasound for tubal patency, and if required fertility surgery.

A semen analysis will be organised for the male partner, and in some cases, blood tests and a physical examination may also be performed.